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Who we work for

In case you are wondering who we work for, our answer is very broad. Because basically anyone, i.e. any company, that wants to transport large objects can come to us. Special Cargo Logistics is a new company in the transport sector and has been around since 2022, but the experience we carry with us is enormous. That works nicely and gives a familiar feeling.

What is exceptional transport?

Exceptional transport or convoi exceptionnel is another name for special transport that goes on public roads under transport escort. Think of building materials such as metre-long steel structures for skyscrapers, factories or office towers that we transport for large construction companies. Think of those gigantic blades of a wind turbine we transport for wind energy companies. Think of lead-heavy machines used in heavy industry, such as in IJmuiden. These are all items that fall into the category of special transport in terms of size and weight.

Who we work for in special transport

Heavy transport is part of special transport and in practice the terms are used interchangeably. Internationally, special cargo is a familiar term. Whatever we call it, our customers know that we are the expert in our field. They find Special Cargo Logistics through their network or online via Google by searching heavy transport. Besides industry, construction companies and wind energy, we also regularly come into contact with permit agencies and transporters. Sometimes we only carry out part of a transport project, such as the permit application or transport supervision. In most cases, we deploy our expertise from start to finish and supervise a complete special transport project.

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