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Organising heavy transport

What Special Cargo Logistics does exactly is organise heavy transport. You have to think of outsize objects, such as windmill parts, yachts or an LNG plant that need to be transported from A to B. This involves intensive preparation with an exact route survey, measurements and calculations. All the information is recorded in a report that is used for permit applications.

Special Cargo Logistics specialises in:

  • Permit application exceptional transport Europe
  • Transport supervision
  • Transport mediation and chartering
  • Route survey and road modifications
  • International exceptional transport
  • Approved guidance company (Belgium BO-2022-101)

Our services

Services in heavy transport

Discover the limitless possibilities of exceptional transport with Special Cargo Logistics. We offer tailor-made services for international transport, heavy haulage, specialised transport, and more. Reliability, efficiency and expertise are central to our commitment to your logistics success.

Application and introduction

Mutual trust is always the basis for Special Cargo Logistics. That starts with an acquaintance after which we take up the request. From moment one, SCL thinks along based on years of experience and we come up with practical solutions for perfect transport. SCL's expertise is based on practical experience at home and abroad, supplemented by theory on laws and regulations. SCL knows how things work and how they are put together. Clients place their requests with SCL with confidence.

Permit application

For exceptional transport, a permit must be applied for at the preparation stage. First, Special Cargo Logistics carries out an accurate route survey and makes a report of all findings. Together with the client, crucial points are discussed and nothing will be left to chance. With the report, the client can submit a permit application. If required, SCL can supervise the heavy transport permit application. Also internationally.

Route reconnaissance

Route reconnaissance is inextricably linked to heavy transport preparation. Bridges and roads should in no way impede the route, so every metre is carefully analysed. SCL does the route reconnaissance itself, which requires an incredible amount of expertise. The time allotted for this is necessary to complete a route safely and successfully. Nothing is overlooked, sometimes it is a matter of trial and error. All route information is recorded in a report.

Transport supervision

After excellent preparation, the heavy transport can depart. Transport supervision on the route is provided by Special Cargo Logistics with its own escort truck. SCL may also drive a truck itself for a client. Specifically for exceptional transport, you can rely on a total concept. Advice, project management, permit application, route reconnaissance, everything concerning special vehicles and bulky cargo is expertly arranged.

International exceptional transport

At Special Cargo Logistics, we specialise in organising international exceptional transport. Whether it is impressive medical equipment or heavy loads, we ensure flawless permits, detailed escorts and safe arrival at the desired destination. Push the boundaries of your logistics challenges with our dedicated team.

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