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Safety on the route

Exceptional transport. On the motorway, you are bound to come across them, driving slowly and equipped with signalling and escort vehicles. All for safety. Convoi exceptionnel, or exceptional transport, has to get to its destination as safely as possible via the motorway or by taking shortcuts. Since heavy transport drives between normal traffic, all kinds of safety regulations have to be met. Therein lies an important task for Special Cargo Logistics.

Experience in the transport industry

SCL knows better than anyone what needs to be arranged when a request for heavy transport comes in. From the first moment of contact to the last kilometre, SCL is the specialist who gets to grips with every project. That inspires confidence and works pleasantly. Clients like to come back to SCL after working together.

Safety on the route

Safety on the route is necessary visibly and invisibly. Visible is the traffic moving around the convoi. Invisible are the countless calculations SCL makes in advance while scouting the route. Taking risks is not common in this business. Everything must be correct and registered down to the last detail. Only then does SCL approve a transport of such magnitude. As a consultant, SCL believes it is important that clients should be able to blindly trust the specialist recommendation and reporting. And they can.

Weight and value

To perform this work at the very highest level, SCL first drives the route to be taken by itself. Only then can SCL 100% stand behind the route calculation. Of course, much preparation is done behind the computer, but experiencing on the road what any risks are is necessary for optimal safety. It is also extremely important that the cargo being transported is delivered to its destination in perfect condition. Especially with this size, you are soon talking about tons in weight but also in value.


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